Pug Bram

Let me give you a small introduction about our pug Brammetje,  he got Dutch  human name,  we liked the name so much, so our Bram is a pug and not a human :)

His original name is Barbabee van Shaka's Royal Kraal, and he was born 10-07-2008, His father was a champion dog called Bincky Beer, thats why he is so pretty! Bram is a very happy pug, he loves to sleep and eat :). He also enjoys walks in the forest with his friend Gijsje, he really is a very funny pet, He also makes funny noises ;)

This was one off  the first video from Bram the pug , he was 8 weeks old:

He grew up with a American Staffordshire called Taiga, She is not with us anymore..

Back to Bram here is the latest pic of Pug bram, he is 4 years old now, our pretty boy :)

And Bram with Gijsje:

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