woensdag 28 november 2012

Silly cat :)

Our cat Billy thinks we do not notice that he eats from the trashcan!

zondag 11 november 2012

More pics of today, made by a friend!

Zahah and Tommy, two of the best friend of Bullkita Gijsje and Bram.

Thanks for these picture's Kim, More info about Zahah and Tommy: sheltie-love Click Here!

A lovely day in the forest !

The visit of Juicy foxi thunderpaws ;)

This is Juicy a 4 months old pug puppy, her nickname is thunderpaws, becaus she really has thunderpaws!!

Bram is very happy with the vissitor!

Very cute girl!

Omg what a big mouth!!

Playing with Bullkita Gijsje :

zondag 4 november 2012


Today it has been one year that we had to let our princess Taiga go...We miss her so much. Forever in our heart ♥