maandag 17 september 2012

Some puppy pictures from Gijsje today!

Gijsje is 32 kg of pure love today and still growing! But he was so cute when he whas a puppy, this is just a smal collection of picture, we have so many pics! I realy can's show them all in one post :)

Asjemenou... our new cat.

We have a new pet, she called Asjemenou, she is a 8 year old cat, we got her from a animal rescue center, she is a little bit to fat, but we are working on it, she here a fw days now, and the dogs have no problem with her, now she need to get friends with our other cat Billy, but that is just a matter of time :)

Movie of Asjemenou in the animal rescue center:

And the firs time in our kitchen:

She already eating fresh meat like the other pets we have, she realy doing great!

She pretty, dont you think so?

zondag 9 september 2012

Fishing adventure today.

Bullkita Gijsje does not know what to do, eat it??

I don't think so Gijsje! we set it free again, thats sport fishing in the Netherlands :)