woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Welcome on my bullkita Blog


Welcome on my blog, This blog is about our pets, we live together with a Bullkita called Gijsje and a pug called Bram, Gijsje is 9 months old now, and Bram is 4 years old.

We also have a cat named Billy, its a silly cat, he realy thinks he is a dog, don't ask me why! He is 10 years old now, and still going strong ;)

O and whe live in the Netherlands, yep that strange country where weed is legal, and the rest world thinks we all walk on wooden shoes, but we are also famous with our tullips and cheese ;)

This is a movie of Gijsje when he whas a real puppie, I think this is a nice start with my bullkita blog!

(and sorry for my english, i try my best but sometimes I make mistakes, I'm still a dutchmen you know)

Thanks for reading this, bye bye :)

Note: This is my first blog, I hope you like it! I still got to learn a lot!

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