zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Bullkita?? Whats a Bullkita?

Our dog Gijs is a Bullkita, now its time to tell you what a Bullkita is :)

Our dog Gijs is a mix breed, it's a American Bulldog female mix with a Japanese Akita Inu Male dog, it realy not common, and I don't want to promote mix breeds, this nest was a real accidental nest!

This is the father dog:

And this is the mother Dog:

The mix result is fantastic,

10 puppy's born on 21-10-2011 

5 Male and 5 female

5 black and white and 5 brindle

How sweet is this!

And there he is, our Bullkita called Gijsje, this is just pure love
He was our choice, we loved his Panda like face...More to come..

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