zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Bulllkita Gijs and Bertha!

This are some cool movie's,

Gijs en Bertha 1 week old:

Gijs en Bertha 9 months later:

They grow so fast!!

Bullkita?? Whats a Bullkita?

Our dog Gijs is a Bullkita, now its time to tell you what a Bullkita is :)

Our dog Gijs is a mix breed, it's a American Bulldog female mix with a Japanese Akita Inu Male dog, it realy not common, and I don't want to promote mix breeds, this nest was a real accidental nest!

This is the father dog:

And this is the mother Dog:

The mix result is fantastic,

10 puppy's born on 21-10-2011 

5 Male and 5 female

5 black and white and 5 brindle

How sweet is this!

And there he is, our Bullkita called Gijsje, this is just pure love
He was our choice, we loved his Panda like face...More to come..

vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Pug Bram gets horny, he realy loves the vacuum cleaner, funny pug :)

Yesterday...beach day!

Yesterday was a great day for Gijsje and Bram, first we went to the forest, there we meet some friend's and we went to the beach, the sun was nice and we had a great time!

Sometimes life is just great.....We need days like this!

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Info about our pug Bram :)

Let me give you a small introduction about our pug Brammetje, thats a Dutch name, it's a human name, but we liked the name so mutch, so our Bram is a pug :)

His original name is Barbabee van Shaka's Royal Kraal, and he was born 10-07-2008, His father was a champion dog called Bincky Beer, thats why he is so pretty! Bram is a very happy pug, he loves to sleep and eat :). He also enjoys walks in the forest with his friend Gijsje, he really is a very funny pet, He also makes funny noises ;)

This was the first video from Bram the pug , he was 8 weeks old:

He grew up with a American Staffordshire called Taiga, she died 4-11-2011 on the age of 13, we still miss Taiga, but we still have movie's and picture's to remember her, I tell more about Taiga later ;)

Back to Bram here is the latest pic of Pug bram, he is 4 years old now, our pretty boy :)

If you have any questions about Pugs or Bullkita's, just ask!


Welcome on my bullkita Blog


Welcome on my blog, This blog is about our pets, we live together with a Bullkita called Gijsje and a pug called Bram, Gijsje is 9 months old now, and Bram is 4 years old.

We also have a cat named Billy, its a silly cat, he realy thinks he is a dog, don't ask me why! He is 10 years old now, and still going strong ;)

O and whe live in the Netherlands, yep that strange country where weed is legal, and the rest world thinks we all walk on wooden shoes, but we are also famous with our tullips and cheese ;)

This is a movie of Gijsje when he whas a real puppie, I think this is a nice start with my bullkita blog!

(and sorry for my english, i try my best but sometimes I make mistakes, I'm still a dutchmen you know)

Thanks for reading this, bye bye :)

Note: This is my first blog, I hope you like it! I still got to learn a lot!